October favorites

I am going to be doing a monthly favorites post or Vlog. Which ever I can get to first. I have a lot of food favorites. So here it goes..

Food Fall Favorites:


Pumpkin Pecan Pancakes: oh my…if you have a fresh and easy by you go out and by some!! They are so yummy and delicious…..but they are not gluten free. We don’t eat them often, plus they are seasonal so it’s ok for once in a while. And when I make them they are pretty tiny ones, like 4.5 inches in diameter. I also sub a lot of stuff in there…here’s what I sub. They do have a better taste and are somewhat healthier for you.

Almond milk – for the dairy
Coconut oil – for the oil
Organic eggs – for reg eggs


The Coffee Bean & Tea Winter Dream Tea Blend: oh my goodness I love this stuff..it’s so yummy and when you drink you just automatically think winter, Christmas, cozy, warmth. Ahhh..just love it!! I usually get this when I go on coffee dates with friends. It’s just so yummy. I put coconut oil and coconut nectar sugar in it for a lil added sweetness. Tastes good by itself but I love sweet things.




Pumpkin Spice & Cranberry Granola Clusters: These are so yummy with some Greek yogurt and fresh berries. We usually have regular granola clusters and eat these during the fall. You can snatch these at Fresh & Easy. They have soo much organic, and healthier choices, plus coupons.


Non – Seasonal Food Favorites:

PB2 – it’s an all natural peanut butter powder that you mix with water. At first I thought it was kinda weird that you have to mix it. I wanted to use to put in smoothies, that’s what I heard it was best for. Then I made some for a sandwich and it was quite good and easy and tasted good. So it’s a keeper.



What I love about it, is that for one it’s better for you, there’s no additives or preservatives. I’d say it’s great for smoothies and adding flavor to dishes or baking. It’s also great in a sandwich.

Coconut Oil: some of you know my love for this stuff. I made a video a year ago about this stuff check it out here. There are so many benefits for this stuff. I won’t get into it, just watch the video explains a lot. But I use it in everything, in baking, in cooking, in my teas, I sub it for oils. It just makes everything taste good. I buy mine at Costco comes in a big canister and sells for about $23 and lasts forever. It’s certified organic, cold pressed and unrefined, cold-pressed, extra virgin coconut oil. So it’s the best out there and has the usda organic stamp on it as well. There are sooo many uses for it to.



Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: I started using this instead of salt, first I switched to sea salt and saw this at fresh and easy. It has a great flavor, not as strong as salt and better for you. They have the organic brand at whole foods but it’s way expensive so this is a better alternative to that.



This is just a few things we use to sub for other stuff, and a few of our favorites. Let me know what you guys love? Leave me a comment below.



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