It has been a very blessed couple of months. They have been busy, but not to busy. I really haven’t posted anything on here as far as what I’ve been up to. So I thought I’d catch ya’ all up.

Let’s begin with what have I been up to? Well Sept was a great month got ready for fall quite early, earlier than usual. Hehe…usually im running late, my season has changed and I am able to catch up on some things. God has me right where he wants me and I’m very grateful for that. Girls are in school and doing well…praise the Lord they are blessed with some amazing teachers and staff. Thank You Jesus and school!

My oldest started soccer and it’s been a blessing, we are all about having fun when playing. Last year they did not win one games, which we were fine with. As long as she had fun we are happy, and she did. This year they have been blessed with winning the first couple of games. It’s an extra blessing for us, she even said her first game was the best game ever. They are giving it all they have this year.

Fall 2013 228

she just kicked the ball here!!

Fall 2013 231

Chasing the ball…..get it girl!!

I started an on-line bible study, Good Morning Girls, and have been doing it with my some amazing sweet friends. We have been doing it for the past couple of years and I’ve gleaned so much from them!! Love you girls {{{{hugs}}}! This year they implemented a childrens devo which is amazing and I have been doing that with my girls every morning. I absolutely love it, there’s questions and answer time and it’s what I’ve been praying for. go here for more info on GMG . I also started a bible study through my church and it’s at a home that’s really close to min, like 2 mins away. That was a blessing I didn’t have to go far, church is 20 mins away. It’s in the morning and I just love the fellowship time before and the teaching. It’s been a blessing getting to know a few ladies better and meeting new ones. I wanted to get in as much fellowship time as I can right now as I know the begining of next year will be a little different. Fellowships at my house!

At the end of Sept we kicked off fall time with some fun times!! Wooohoo, can you tell I love this time of year!! So we kicked it off at the end of Sept, 28th to be exact, with a trip to our local Orchards. They had a pumpkin patch that opened that weekend, we went fairly early in the morning to get some good pickins’. Wooza it was busy, but not so busy we couldn’t get around people…i think it got busier later. They had the most amazing Apple Doughnuts..with this apple butter or cream on top. all I have to say is “Yummmmm!!” My tummy hurt afterwards ate too much…lol but the memories will last forever. We had a lot of fun, their was plenty of pumpkins, all shapes, colors and sizes to go around. Here’s a few pics to see our ventures. We also tried McDonald’s new Pumpkin spice Lattes’ on the way there…ehhhh wasn’t my cup of coffee. I’m sorry but no one can beat homemade or Starbucks. I’d prefer homemade you know what’s going into it.

the patch that went on fun pickins'

the patch that went on forever……fun fun pickins’

Photo opp time!!

Photo opp time!!

the girls!!!the girls!!!

The Fam!! <3The Fam!! ❤

Our Pickins' I love the little white pumpkins made sure to grab alot! I love the cute pink punkin' too!!Our Pickins’ I love the little white pumpkins made sure to grab alot! I love the cute pink punkin’ too!!

Amazing Apple Doughnuts with Apple Butter Cream...YUMMMMYYY!!!Amazing Apple Doughnuts with Apple Butter Cream…YUMMMMYYY!!!

October is getting a little bit busier for us, and probably will continue for the next part of the months/seasons/holidays. We kicked off this month with my lil mama’s b-day she turned 8, I can’t believe it. It’s been a blessing to be home now, gets things done around here {get ‘er done!!}, girlfriend dates, nesting and more. I love being home, but I also love being where God wants me more.

She turned 8!!! Whhhahhh! My baby is no longer a baby...whaaahhh!

She turned 8!!! Whhhahhh! My baby is no longer a baby…whaaahhh!

Right now my ministery is being home serving my family. Me and my husband had been in the ministry serving for the past 6-7 years and let me tell you it was time was a huge blessing but it was time for us to step down. We were burnt out, at least I was. But God knew what he was doing at the time, a year ago. Our marriage needed to be tended too, our souls needed to be tended too, and our family needed to be tended too. These are all things that come before ministry at the church.


If any of these are not tended to or out of place then it’s all done in vain. I realized that and had to do something about it. Yes, we are called to serve, not to be served. But we are called, most importantly, to be where God wants us to be. And right now my season is at home with my family. God has me serving in other ways….when it’s my season to serve at church I know He will make away and prompting.

Matthew 6:33 NIV
But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Seek Him first and He will guide you to the next step. I used to be that servant that said yes to everything, Serving in diff ministries, going to differnt gatherings and the like. But I wasn’t seeking God on every account, it’s so important to seek Him on everything. Yes, if you have the time to serve and it seems right, do you take it to Him or do just say Yes? I always thought well I have the time why not. But I was wrong I needed to have taken it to Him first and seek Him first. Now, that I am doing it more and making it a habit too, even though I have the time it’s not where he wants me, it’s been a blessing. And I am ok with that….because my desire is essentially to be where He wants me to be. I encourage you to do seek Him above all else, others opinions, convictions, or advice. Seek Him first.period.  His opinion matters first. This is something I am still working on, I wish it came natural.

I thank you for stopping by, and peeking into my world for a moment. I would love to hear from you, leave me a comment or if you need prayer I would love to pray for you.



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