Savoring September – Week 4


I can’t believe we are at week 4, boy time does fly by fast when you are having a blessed time! So far we have at:

Week 1-we got all our fall stuff out and we decorated our homes and ourselves and are ready for fall!!!
Week 2-we splurged a little on a Fall drink, planned out a Fall Gathering and Fall Activities
Week 3- we decorated if you didn’t do so already and your home, and we wentT.V. free this week, and that was challenging.

Week 4 Letting go….but begin again. This is a season of fresh starts, new paths, and endings leading to new beginnings.

So if you’re like me, in a place where maybe you’ve been holding onto something, or the approval of someone, or the friendship that isn’t going to happen, maybe it’s time to let go and move on.

Head up! It’s a lovely season to begin again.

Here’s to an Autumn fresh start!

I can’t believe we are at the end of Savoring September, I hope we will be Savoring Oct., Nov., and Dec! LOL…I can’t help it I love this time of year…my absolute favorite, how bout you?

Want to click over to the blog? It’s at ! 🙂 She will be announcing the winners of the Woodwick candles!!

Thank you for stopping by…..


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