Pride and Purity

My dear, sweet friend, sister in The Lord has been serving Gods girls in her ministry “Pride and Purity”. She has been leading, guiding, and teaching our young girls to be pure before The Lord. My oldest daughter has taken her purity classes and I’ve seen my daughter flourish in her choice to stay pure before The Lord. And to wait for that perfect guy The Lord will send, when her time is right to do. Not any time soon though. I have known Denise for the past 13 years, she took me under her wing and taught me so much. She has ministered to me in so many ways and now she is doing that for my daughter. I love this women of God and wanted to share her site and her new trailor for her ministry. Here is a little excerpt from Denise:

 A “Culture Change” (Acts 17:6-7) is the call and challenge throughout the PrideinPurity series. Sincere prayer and a godly walk from those who call on the name of Jesus (Acts 11:26) will assist women of all ages to live holy unto the Lord. My desire is to inspire women from every culture to commit to reading the Bible and preparing themselves for two very important decisions. Salvation first; possessing a surrendered and obedient relationship with Christ. And Secondly, Marriage; waiting on the Lord’s counsel (Proverbs 21:30) before making a dreadful mistake. May the readers of this book and God’s Word, enable young women to share in these principals; turning the world right-side up (Isaiah 5:20). 

Please go check out her site here at Pride and Purity!  She has so many resources and books that she has wrote, please go check it out I highly recommend her books and ministry. Thank you for stopping by….. Blessings,


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