Good Morning Girls Fall session {squeal!!!} & Missing Fall

I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for fall and all that it brings. I will be posting and vlogging regularly starting this week {Lordwilling…that’s my plans}.

This past week I bought some fall stuff including these yummy delights. These are my all time favorite thing, tradition we eat during the fall. I can’t wait to use them in desserts and simply just enjoy them. Fall is around the corner and I’m really excited. Already planning the gatherings, the decorations and bible studies!! I just enjoy it alot. Gotta go wipe my boots down and get my scarfs ready!! Are you with me…like or comment if you are? What are your favorite things in the fall time?

Ok now for some bible study info, for the past 4-5’years or how ever long GMG has Ben started I have been a part of it. It is such a blessing and just a sweet time with Jesus, friends and the fellowship. With further a do I am excited for this upcoming Good Morning Girls Fall study. I can’t wait to fellowship with my girlfriends and share the word of God with each other. And to share each other what The Lord shares with us each morning. It’s enlightening and encouraging. Want to join us, or have your own group well then just follow the link below. Sign ups start today, Mon, Aug 19th. Here’s some info on it..see link below

{click on the picture above to go straight to GMG}

Blessings….I will be posting more today and throughout the week. Check back soon!!

Thank you for stopping by…..
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