Back to School 2013

It’s that time of year again…that our children go back to school!! I don’t know about you but I am excited for them. So are they, however, I do miss them dearly during the day. It’s a blessing though because my husband is there with them all day. He’s on staff…so I feel very greatful and blessed for that.  I love doing special tradition’s its a fun way to make memories and to look back and see their growth.

Last year both of my girls were blessed to be able to go to our church school and again this year. It was my oldest second year going and my little ones first. We had homeschooled previously for a couple of years. So, I wanted to keep some fun traditions going. I did it with homeschooling but some years I forgot. Here are a few things that we do

Here is last years pic’s {2012}…..they were so little.

Here are this years pic’s {2013}…aweeee how they have grown!!!! {wwwhaaaahhh!!!}

My girls started school last week, so on the first day of school I made them a special breakfast and then took their pictures with their first day of school sign. My oldeset, I think, is starting to grow out of it. I told her I am going to do it until she goes to college and then gets married. LOL!!!

Here are just a few of the traditions we started last year. I just printed out some lunch box notes, I found on pinterest {totally addicted!!} and they even had scripture lunch box printables. I put a napkin, utensils {if needed} and I will sometimes put a very small treat {none in this one} in a baggie.

I also make the teachers gifts as well {if I have time}. Here is what I did this year. I actually printed out another tag from pinterest {you are the write teacher for me}. And on the chalkboard label I printed out “PENS”{on my label maker} to attach to the chalkboard label so it would be a little bit cleaner looking {not pictured above}. I wanted the chalk writing look but it was coming off , as you can see below.

So have fun with it, I don’t do it all the time or put the notes everyday {I try to if I have time}. It just makes it special.

I would love to hear what traditions you do for the first day of school?

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