Pregnancy Vlog – Week16 & Baby Gender Reveal..

We weren’t expecting to find out what the gender of our little precious bundle of joy was yet. And we did at an ultrasound for just checking the amniotic fluid. So we had to act fast and put together a reveal party, as we were planning in August. Blessed are the flexible!!! 
I made a trailor video and then a full version video…

The Trailor Video
The Full Version Video

The Reveal to our girls!!! Sorry it’s sideway..used a camera phone.


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2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Vlog – Week16 & Baby Gender Reveal..

  1. Hi Jenn…thanks for stopping by!! Can't wait to check out your blog. Yes…they are excited to be big sisters especially the Lil one. They will be 8 yrs a part and will be great helpers too!! Blessings,Adrienne

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