Monday Mama Motivation: Only a Season

This was such an encouragement for me this morning, the quote is taken from my {in}courage, home for the hearts of woman, daily inspirations. I love it, if you haven’t snatched one go here to get yours. Today as I was getting ready and then off to work, I was becoming bummed that I could not stay home today with. My Hubby and children had the day off for Presidents day from school, my heart ached to be home with them. But God has me in this season, of working, right where I am at right now for His purposes. Sometimes, I do lose sight of that, I love how He gently reminds me that this is His plan for my life and it is only a season.
I am thankful for my job, as many don’t have one, and it is a blessing to have one. It pays for the bills and the extra things in life. It provides many things, other than stress {LOL}!!!!. If you are struggling today with having to work on a Holiday, while your kids are at home. It’s going to be OK,  find joy in today; look forward to going home to them tonight and giving them great big hugs and sweet kisses. Those are the moments I look forward to, when I am pulling up into my driveway.
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