Five Minute Friday

Good Morning and Happy Friday!! Wooohoo!! {sorry I am late on this…been a buuusssyyy week}. I am so looking forward to this weekend!! Ok so here goes Five Minute Friday….woohoo {can you tell I’m excited!!!}

Got five minutes? Let’s write. Let’s write in shades of real and brave and unscripted.
Let’s just write and not worry if it’s just right or not.
1. Write for 5 minutes flat for pure unedited love of the written word.
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. Go buck wild with encouragement for the five minuter who linked up before you.
Won’t you give me your best five minutes for the prompt:

Here’s the word……………..wait for it….wait for it….


To be without the Lord is bare, to be without His word living inside of you is bare. I can’t think of a moment that I was ok without the lord. Yeah it was a temporary being ok, but soon lead to chaos. Being bare is like being without my bible. 
God can do so much for us, I think He spoils us in ways we could never imagine. When we are putting him first and letting everything else take the back seat we are bareless or opposite of bare. I don’t want to have a day without him, putting myself first or other things before Him. That’s being bare. There are times in our life where we may feel bare and I encourage you in those times to pick up your bible and read it. He won’t leave you feeling empty or bare, but you will feel filled up…full. Like having the best meal ever. 
As I’ve had many a days feeling bare, feeling empty. not even wanting to pick up bible, i did with all I had in me and picked it up. My soul was refreshed, rejuvenated, i felt his love pour inside of me. 
Thanks for stopping by FMF Girls! Have a blessed weekend!! 

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3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday

  1. Amen! Jesus definitely fills those empty bare spaces in our hearts, minds, and souls.. It is such a privilege we can run to Him anytime and pour our hearts to Him and get refreshed anytime.. Whew.. what a blessing! Love your heart and this post! I am going to write mine here in a few:)Hugs,Rebecca

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