My Hero!!

My Hero….
My Husband……

It will be 10 years this April that we have been re-married {second time}. 

I wanted to say how absolutely blessed and privileged I am to call you my husband. You are amazing and encouraging. You provide for us in more ways than I can think of. I know you’ve been through a lot physically, emotionally. And you still push through it, and that is so encouraging to me. You are always there for our daughters, always there for me. You’ve sacrificed so much to make sure that we are all taken care of. I know that if you could do more you would. You are self-sacrificing, long suffering, patient, loving, compassionate, self-giving. I could not ask for a better person. This year we will be celebrating our 10 years, God saw us through it. I can’t wait for another 10, 20, 30, etc. 

I love you!!
Your wife,

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3 thoughts on “My Hero!!

  1. Awe..thanks Shaina and Ashley!! Yes huge milestone, God has saw us through every step. Thank you soo much!! I'm stopping by to say hi on your blogs ladies. Are you ladies doing this challenge?Blessings,Adrienne

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