One Word

Well this new year is bringing new experiences, new blessings, fresh starts, new mercies. Everything is new, just like everyday…… it’s a gift. I’ve been praying over my word for this year {hence why this post took some time}. And the word for me this year is….{drum roll please}

A sweet new friend made this amazing button for me. It’s she pretty? I am also joining her this year at Only A Breathe, please go check out her site, she is a sweet, encouraging sister in the Lord.

What is your new word?

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4 thoughts on “One Word

  1. Hey Adrienne! I love the word Abide. I pray that this word finds you more abiding in Him. Such a great word:) Thought I would stop by and say hello. I did pick a word this year as well and I am excited to see what God will be doing. I hope all is well with you…:) Blessings,Becca

  2. Awe..thank you so much sweet sis!! That is my desire this year to draw closer and stay there. All is good here, just growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. It's so stretching, it's moving. He def is growing me. Love you sis,Adrienne

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