Monday Mama Motivation: God’s deepest fulfillment for you

I hope…..that your heart is at rest and that you’ve found your deepest fulfillment in seeing how God extends your deepest fulfillment in seeing how God extends His love to so many through you. First His love flows to those people closest to your heart, those people at home. Then His loves moves on through you to invigorate and refresh countless others. As this happens, your gracious and generous God miraculously refills you, replacing and multiplying all that you selflessly give away to others. 

Ask God to give you a greater desire to serve Him and others. Go to Him for wisdom as you choose where and how to minister. And be sure you always make the time to fill your own heart so that you have something to give to others.

If you take time to sit at Jesus’ feet and be filled by God’s Spirit as you study the written Word, if you focus on overcoming obstacles to doing God’s work, you will never lack for ministry. God’s fullness in you will naturally overflow into the lives of others.

With the New Year tomorrow I pray that you will find rest, peace and joy in knowing that God saw you through 2012. He was there all along, through your trials, pain, and many blessings. Count all your blessings, name them one by one. You’ll see all the blessings!!!

Have a Blessed New Year…..remember He renews us day by day and His mercies are new for you every morning!!

By His Grace,

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