Monday Mama Motivation: The Hidden Life in Christ

You and I enjoy our hidden life with God, the private life we nurture in Him. Unseen by others, you and I are filled by God’s Spirit as we dwell in His presence and drink from His Word. In that holy mist, He replenishes our dry souls until we are filled with His goodness.
If God gives us children, He entrusts them to our care, to be loved and taught and trained and filled with the knowledge of Him. All that God has filled us with and all the blessings that spring from a love-filled, Christ-centered marriage overflow to refresh and supply the tender hearts of our dear children.
From our vantage point, as we reflect on how God might use us, we are silenced, awestruck. Now we understand! His ways are wise, and His ways work! When we are faithful to follow after God’s heart – when we tend and nurture each aspect of life as He instructs – the ministry He uses us in can have an impact beyond measure. 

Many blessings to you and have a blessed filled Monday!!

By His Grace,

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