Monday Mama Motivation: Preparing your heart

Monday Mama Motivation: Preparing Your Heart
As the busyness of Christmas approaches….let’s prepare our heart. For this special time as we remember the reaSon for the seaSon….Jesus Christ…”Emmanuel”.
 God will honor the time we commit to learning more about Him, the time we find, redeem, save, allow, and schedule for our spiritual growth.
Preparation happens when we spend time alone with our Lord. Good comes out of that time. In fact, for good reason, solitude has been called “the school of genius.”…..So clear your calendar. Set aside some time to place yourself before God so He can bring about spiritual growth in you. Treat yourself to a private retreat and wait on the Lord.
As a woman after God’s own heart, you undoubtedly want to know God and His Word. You want to make the choices He would have you make. You also desire God’s power and imprint to blearly be on your life.  Your heart beats with HYis out of concern for people. And you want to spend your life trying to live out God’s purpose for you.
May you have a blessed time as you prepare your heart and home for this seaSon of CHRISTmas!! 
By His Grace,

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2 thoughts on “Monday Mama Motivation: Preparing your heart

  1. This is such a beautiful time to practice solitude. I am really thankful that my church has quiet days in Advent and Lent to help those of us with busy, loud households have some alone time to prepare our hearts.

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