Monday Mama Motivation: Pray, Provide & Play

“No Matter What”

No Matter what the problem, the hurdle, the struggle, the suffering you face, God promises, “My grace is sufficent for you” {II Cor. 12:9}. Whether you’re dealing with tempation, a difficult marriage, problems with the children, needs in the home, personal challenges, a stretching ministry, or any other difficult situation, God promises, “My Grace is sufficent for you.”

The heart of him who has understanding seeks knowledge, but the mouth of fools feeds on foolishness. Proverbs 15:14

Put another way, an intelligent person purposefully seeks knowledge, but fools nibble randomly, vacantly chewing on words and ideas that have no value, no flavor, no nutrition.

What are you and I feeding our mind? Are we heeding the biblical warning about the danger of “garbage in, garbage out” {Prov. 15:14}? May we purposefully seek knowledge and guard against spending precious time on things that have no value.

No matter what we are to put our trust in the Lord through all circumstances and also keep our minds pure from the things of this world. I pray that you are encouraged this morning and know that you are not alone in this season of motherhood!

By His Grace

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