Thankful Thursday and a link up

Please join me in giving thanks to our King for all He has done for us

I am thankful for…….

• The cool crisp air in the mornings these days…I love it!

• The time I spend with my girls in the morning before school

• Gods word that ministers to my heart and reminds me how much He loves us.

• My Good Morning Girls Group, I am gleaning so much from them every day.

• The online bible studies that Good Morning Girls and Courtney from Women Living Well provide for us.

• My cozy home, that is my haven, that the Lord has blessed us with.

• I am thankful for my Mother who directs me to the Lord, when I don’t understand some things.

• I am thankful for my Mother-in-law who blesses us everyday with all that she does for us at home from cooking, cleaning and being there for us {when I can’t be because I work}.

• We are so blessed by God for all that He does for us, for without Him we can do nothing!

What are you thankful for, leave your comments or link up below?

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