The Harvest….

Lord send out Your laborers……..

With Halloween approaching us fast, we are finding ways to show Gods love to others. We don’t celebrate it because we choose to not believe in it. But this is a great opportunity and time to spread the good news, the gospel, JESUS. I loved how Jesus was always encouraging his disciples and us to. The Harvest is plentiful, there are sooo many that are lost in this dieing world. The laborers, the Christians, are few. We need to pray to God for the laborers…I love how the NLT puts it.

He said to his disciples, “The harvest is so great, but the workers are so few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send out more workers for his fields.”
Matthew 9:37-38 {NLT}
We are the laborers, I challenge you to go out there and share your testimony {as you feel lead}. Be that example, be the shining light.

Heavenly Father, WE pray for the Harvest it is truly plentiful. Lord send out more workers for Your fields. Prepare them now, God equip us, give us the words to speak to those who don’t know You or who want to know You. Father remove any fear from us who might not be comfortable with speaking to others about You. Father, I pray for those opportunities, would You prepare us for them.I pray for the lost that they would be open to what You have for them. Would they make that choice to follow after You. Lord would you fill us to overflowing, so that when people do see us they see You and not us {oh wretched man that I am}. That by our example they would want what we have, the thing that sustains us through trials, the peace, the joy, the love You. I pray for those moments to be able to spread Your word, Your love. Give us willing, able, loving, and compassionate hearts. Change us Lord, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray. AMEN!

By His Grace,

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