Mama Monday Motivation: Pray, Play & Provide

Good Morning!! Can you believe it’s October already {squeal!! 1 day closer to heaven}! Some Mondays are just hard. I can tell you that after being in the word makes it easier. But once you step out of that bed, its all put to the test. There have been many Mondays that I have become “unglued” trying to get the girls off to school can be a challenging task sometimes. Then once we are in the car and I’m feeling bad because “Ugly Mama” came out a song will come on that just ministers to my heart and reminds me of God’s forgiveness towards me, and His great love for us. I ask God for forgiveness and then my girls, they are always forgiving. Praise the Lord this Monday was a blessed one! Thank you Jesus for that. But just know we are right there with you when you are having a bad morning or become “unglued”.
Here’s your Mama Motivitation for today: Ministry
{Taken from my Morning Calender Devotion}

I realized that – as much as I wanted to – I couldnt’ run out the front door of my home, leaving it in a shambles, and go over to the church to do the work of ministry. I came to understand that God has charged me with the stewardship of managing my home, and He uses this primary area of ministry to train me for managing other areas of ministry.

“He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much.” Luke 16:10
Let me be clear: I’m not talking about years and decades spent at home waiting for the children to grow up and leave so we have less at home to manage. That option wouldn’t teach our children much about the imprtance of being a contributing member of the body of Christ, the Church.  But if we manage our home effectively…., we will have time to be involved in a church ministry in some capactiy.
This was so encouraging and so true for me. Our family, our home is one of the top ministries and priorites in our lives {God first, then our husband}. This is where I am at right now. My family is my first ministry and these days the times are going by way to fast. We need to be careful what we are spending our time on. We need to invest as much as Jesus as we can in our children, while we still have them, we only have them for a short amount of time {they are on loan to us – from the Lord}.
I spent way too much time on other things, that I thought was good but wasn’t. I had used that precious time away on other things instead of my family. I thank God he opened my eyes to what was going on and what He has called me to do, my minstry {my family}. TAke the time to really pray about how you spend your time, is it with your with family? Are things, friends, hobbies becoming more important than your family. If so, I caution you to take it to the Lord.
What I do now….. I always look at what we are doing during the week and on weekends. And if there are too many outings, gathering, etc…going on I pray and seek where the Lord leads us and wants us. We try to make only 1 thing on the weekend, plus we have Sunday is our day of worship. During the week it can get a little heavy, so I really have to pray, pray and prioritize and see what is going to be best for us. Always ask the Lord am I spending too much time away from my family and if the answer is yes, then it’s not worth spending my time on it. Its what the Lord showed me how I need to look at it. Anyway, if this is an area you need prayer on let me know I would love to pray for you. Trust me I’ve been there and can relate.
God Bless you today Mama’s!!
By His Grace,

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