Week 4 – Revive Your Marriage Series

 Week 4 of the Revive Your Marriage – Praise

This is a great challenge for week 4…
Please go to Women Living Well here, to check out the full post. Great nuggets on there.
I loved the quote she posted……
“Women, as influencers, can breathe life into our men or kill them. Woe to us for quenching the life out of our men.”
~ Mary Kassian
OH Lord…forgive me for doing this!

Our men NEED encouragement!  We NEED our men.  We NEED our men to be Godly men!

I loved this pop quiz she gave us.
Pop quiz:
1) List all the flaws of your husband.
2) List all the things that you admire about your husband.

Grade yourself: Which question was easier to answer?
I am going to list a few things I admire about him:
  • His love and trust for God
  • How he loves our children
  • His discernment
  • His compassion for others in need
  • How he puts others before himself {great encouragement for me}
By His Grace,

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