Monday Mama Motivation: Pray, Play & Provide

Sorry these are late…I had a busy weekend.
Taken from my Morning Calender Devotions…….
“Oh, my dear sister and friend, we must pray for eyes to see the vision God has for our precious home and for a heart to understand how important what happens in our home is to Him.”
“Begin watching over your home…..When I learned about “watching”, I realized that , at best, I was glancing over my house. My efforts were certainly nothing like what God describes in Proverbs 31! So I made some real – and difficult – decisions about watching….and not eating the bread of idleness.
These were a great reminder for me, just coming out of the Women Living Well – Proverbs 31 study {that was awesome} during the summer. Brought back all those good nuggets from the study. We are the watchers of our home…being a working mother this can get challenging. But the more I think of it, I need to be even more so. Pray for me….
By His Grace,

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