Week 1 – Revive Your Prayers for your Marriage

I am taking part in a series called “Revive Your Prayers for your Marriage” over at Woman Living Well, go check out her post for more info. Such a time is this for me, for this series. I can say that God definitley has blessed me with the perfect husband. I am falling in love with him all over again {thank you Jesus!!}.
Our husbands are bombarded every day with their thoughts, billboards, people in their workplace, TV and so much more. WE need to continue to pray for them even more, if we don’t who will? They have so much on their shoulders: how they are going to provide, when are they going to have time to spend with their families. I am sure that they do carry around alot of cares and worries and burdens on their shoulders. Prayer is so powerful and can do some amazing things in their life. Pray for peace, guidance and direction for their lives. Pray for strength, encouragement, endurance for them.
I love this challenge to find a symbol to remind you to pray for your hubby. One of the reminders I used in the past was to have a reminder on my outlook calendar at work. Being a working mother and wife it can get pretty busy here at work. I think this is what I will also being adding to this challenge is to put reminders on my outlook and on my phone and ipad as well. This will help me to remember to pray for him and get in the habit of it as well. I also loved the list of things to pray for him.
I love you Babe and am so blessed and privileged to be your wife! mmmmwwwhhhaaa!
By His Grace,


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