Hello there…..

I took a break from blogging for awhile, I’m back from my break.  I needed this time to step away from it all and focus only on the Lord and my family and the things He needed me to get through. God is definitly moving in my life {my heart, my home and everything else}.It has been trying, challenging, stretching, amazing and a very very big blessing! I do miss blogging, however, I am enjoying and loving my time with the Lord and my family very much!!!
Our time is so precious here on this earth, we need to make the most of it and make a difference to further His kingdom. We are the lights of the world,  that need to shine Jesus so bright!! Our walk with the Lord is soo important and needs to be priority #1, above all else. Every morning before I get out of bed I make it a point to spend that quality time with Him. He gets my first fruits of the day.  Now there are times, and I try my hardest to let them be few, where I am running late and don’t get that quality time but I at least read and pray. It’s better than not doing it all. But I do make every effort and scrafice to make Him #1 {even before hubby}. I’m not perfect, if fact very far from it. But I do try my hardest to make that priority #1!! I can not function without Him being my first priority.  With Him we are so much more, He wants to use you for His kingdom purposes.

and everything else

I have been praying weither I should continue to blog or not. And…..the Lord and hubby have allowed for me to continue blogging. Yay!! I’ve been blogging since April of 2008, and I really enjoy blogging {and blog hopping}. It’s a way to express my faith and encourage others in their walks with the Lord. It’s not about me, but all for the Lord and for His glory.

I really want this blog to be a ministry to encourage, uplift, edify, glean, iron sharpening iron, assist you, and direct you to the Lord. Not to give my opinions, because those don’t matter – God’s opinion does!!  I can only share what He has done for me {my testimony}. In essence only God matters and nothing else.

I have a few posts set up to post soon. I’m really excited to be back. God bless you

By His Grace,

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2 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. YAY! I am so happy to see your beautiful face around here. I love to read your heart and it is a fresh of breath air.. You encourage me so much in your writing, you need to know that!!! I love you friend and I am praying for you:) Blessings,Becca

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