My Faith and Health Journey

I wanted to share a new blog I recently made. When you get a chance go check it out. Go here to My Faith and Health Journey!

This is a place that I will logging down my journey to healthier living. It’s going to be hard and tough, but with Christ all things are possible. I know some may say I don’t need to lose weight. But it’s not just that, I want to be healthy, I want to eat right and exercise. With my height and the weight I am at it is not healthy. My family suffers from Diabetes, and heart problems. I want to break those chains and change that with God’s help. So that I can be the best for my family and for the Lord. This is His temple and I’ve been destroying it with bad food choices. But not anymore, this is a journey that I am willing to share with you. It is very humbling, real and honestly a little scary. This will help me be accountable as well. I look forward to seeing you there. God Bless you!

In His Hands,

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