Week 6: Proverbs 31 Summer Session – GMG & Woman in the Word Wednesday

Whew…is this month just flying by {when your having fun}. Sorry this is a little late. I love the verses this week.

With one hand she holds the wool.
With the other she spins the thread.  
    She opens her arms to those who are poor.
She reaches out her hands to those who are needy.
Prvoerbs 31:19-20
She is a very multi-tasked woman, and make things herself. I am a DIY’er and can relate to this gal. I love making homemade crafts and gifts. It is a gift the Lord has blessed me with. I love to be able to bless others with things that I make. 
So this weeks challenge is….. 

Weekly Challenge: Pray and ask God to help you see the needs of others around you. Then bless someone this week by seeing the need and meeting it. Share in the comment section how God worked through you to meet this need. Go to Women Living Well to share in the comment section, you can also leave one here too.

Ideas include:
Helping someone while you are out and about during your day…..picking up something that they dropped, carrying out the groceries etc.
Babysitting for the single mom down the road
Going through your closet and giving some of your cloths away to those who need them
Surprise the family down the street who are having financial problems with a gift card or a check to help pay for one of their bills.
Sponsor a child through Compassion or World Vision
Help out in a soup kitchen
Help with VBS

Those are all great ideas to help serve someone. Pray and seek the Lord as to how He wants you to serve Him today.

God bless you!

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