Week 3 – Proverbs 31

It’s week 3 in the GMG -Proverbs 31 series. This has been a great encouragement for me and a challenge. But praise the Lord He gives us the strength, mercy and grace for today. I am so blessed, honored and privileged to be married to my husband. God has seen through the impossible. I can do all things through Christ Jesus who gives me strength..phil 4:13. What we may think is impossible is possible with God. With that…here’s this weeks challenge.

Our challenge this week:
Look at the menial tasks of doing laundry, grocery shopping and cooking as a noble task that God has called us to.  Come to these tasks with an eager attitude.  If this is a struggle for you – pray and ask God to help you.  Get on your knees and thank God that he has provided for our basic needs of clothing and food and never stop giving thanks!  Bring your kids along side of you and let them offer up a prayer of thanksgiving too.

Heavenly Father…my task would be working outside the home. Give me the strength everyday to complete that task unto you without complaining or disputing. Lord help me be the light in and outside my ome. I pray for each person that views this blog would you strengthen them as well. Lord you only give us what we can handle, thank you for your grace and mercy. Would you provide all of our daily needs. Lord not our will but yours be done in Jesus Christ I pray amen!

In His Grace,

P.s. please also stop by women Living Well to view her encouraging video.

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