Good Morning Girls week 2 challenge

Im loving the GMG summer bible study, we made it through week 1….great job! This weeks challenge, see below and also visit the website, for full post at Good Morning Girls here

Week 2 Challenge: This week focus on being a woman of noble character…a woman that your husband can take full confidence in! Remember: You and God are an amazing team together! Keep your eyes on Jesus, pray and ask Him to help you be the woman He created YOU to be! Ask Him for help……we can never become who He has created us to be without it! Pray and then ACT……..act upon what He shows you!:)

They need our prayers, praise and encouragement. They need our mercy and grace, and our agape love. But we cannot do it without the Lord. We can’t He can, we get our strength from God alone. Show Jesus love to your husband.

God bless you,

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