Being There….Being Intentional

I loved this reminder that Angela posted on Good Morning Girls.
Being intentional is about turning off the TV, not answering the phone or the emails, the tweets or the Facebook comments, and really seeing your family. Giving them undivided time and attention. It’s talking with them over a meal. It’s asking them questions, doing things together like coloring, drawing, tickling and laughing together. Not necessarily spending money, but spending time together………that’s what’s truly priceless.

Being intentional is about really seeing them and purposefully investing in their lives.

I also liked what Courtney said from Women Living Well…..

It’s in these slow moments…moments of song, back rubs, and story time – that I am most fulfilled as a mom. As we write our to-do lists may we remember to include the simple things. Let’s build our houses with wisdom.

I can be honest and say more often than not that when I come home from work I just want to relax. And I needed to hear this reminder. My time with them is so limited, everything else {TV, social media…etc} should not matter when I am with them. I try to be put all aside when I am with them.  I try to be as intentional as I can, but there are sometimes where I just am tired, or I get lazy. So this encouraged me greatly to be even more intentional with them.
I love my precious girls, that God has blessed me with and it is a privilage and honor to be called their mom. I love you girls, my babies!!

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