A Garden of Righteousness

 A Garden of Righteousness

by Susan Sampson, Thistlebend Ministries

Now is the time, now is the season;
For the glory of God, that is the reason.
Now is the time, time to uproot;
The sin in our heart, that we may bear fruit.

Our hearts are dry and crusty ground;
Nothing of beauty is there to be found.
Weeds of selfishness, laziness and pride abound,
Nothing worthy of a crown.

Lord, this is certainly not your vision;
This dry and ugly weed-infested garden.
A well-watered garden is your perfect plan.
The display of your splendor to show all of man.
Father, help me, I can’t do this alone;
Look at all of the weeds that have grown.

Please help me break up the ground of my heart.
Yes – the word of God is where to start.
For God’s words are the seeds I now must sow;
Yet it is only God who can make things grow.

I must sow the word in my heart and mind;
And meditate on God’s law day and night.
I must plant in my heart seeds of righteousness;
The Lord will bring the beautiful harvest.

We will reap the fruit of unfailing love
If we don’t grow weary or give up.
Like a well-watered garden our hearts will be;
Like a spring whose water runs so free.

The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life;
Oaks of righteousness for His delight.
So seek first His righteousness and plant those seeds;
Cry out to your Father in true humility.

The reward will be so fragrant and sweet
Beautiful blossoms – love, joy and peace!
Praise be to the One who alone can grow!
Praise be to the Lord –

For the crop He has grown;
A hundred times more than what was sown!


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