5-5-5 Challenge: Week 3

Ok, this new blog format is a bit new to me. I thought this posted yesterday, but somehow it didn’t make it.

So it’s week 3, and it’s been going ok. There has been some hard weeks. I’m doing my juicing still and somewhat working out. Need work on that. With the juicing I’ve lost 2 inches around the waist, but maybe put them elsewhere. LOL. And Week 2 was a to-do list get on track, and I actually made a list for when I get home. Now that I am working it makes it a little bit difficult, but the lists have seem to be working. I don’t cross everything off, but it’s ok. I can only do what I can. http://womenlivingwell.org/has some really great resources such as cute printable to do list. Go check it out and the rest of her post, very encouraging. I love this weeks challenge, I have been doing this for a really long time, and when I don’t my whole day is shot until I do it. But for the most part right when I wake up it is the first thing I do, even before freshing up. We have to crucify our flesh daily and I want to crucify it before anything else, before I talk to anyone. Giving God our first fruits {our time} is one of the best things you can do in the morning. Even just talking to him in the shower, whateve it is. Give him your time. I know sometimes its hard especially when your running late. But it is so important to make that time for him.
Week 3′s Challenge:

Purpose to not read ANYTHING else before you have read God’s word for at least 1 minute in the morning. Do not read the newspaper, facebook, a spiritual devotional or check your email. Go straight to God’s word first. And in case you think 1 minute seems a bit stingy with our time – I want to suggest – that once you get started most likely you will go for much longer than 1 minute. But I want this to be doable. After reading your Bible, I encourage you to leave your Bible in the kitchen open and everytime you walk past it, pause to read it for 15 seconds and then go on. Squeeze all the nourishment you can out of the scriptures you are reading.

In His Grace and Mercy,


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