Ultimate Blog Party!!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Hi!! Welcome!!! Take a look around, grab your favorite coffee or tea or non-alcholic beverage {lol}and get to know me a little better.

Thank you for stopping by. Let me introduce myself….my name is Adrienne and I gave my life to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 12 years ago. It has been amazing,…I have been re-married to my hero for 9 years {yesterday}. I posted about our journey a couple days ago check it out. I have 2 beautiful daughters. I love crafting, scrapbooking {when I can}, reading, spending time with my family, fellowshipping with girlfriends. I love being encouraged my bloggy sisters! Love all of you gals!!mmmmwwwhahhh and {{{{{{hugs}}}}}!!! You inspire and encourage me!! A new chapter in my life…woking away from home. My heart if definitely at home, but God has me where He has for a reason.

I hope to {in}courage you along the way, and let you know that you are not alone. God has you where He has You for His kingdom purposes. Embrace His will in your life!

Please also join me on twitter @ reina4jesus or instagram @ adriennereina…

Let me know you stopped by, by leaving a comment!!

God Bless you!

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