5-5-5 WLW challenge

I am linking up and joining WLW on her 5-5-5 challenge. I have already been changing a lot of things in my life, including my eating habits {Easter didn’t help me, I fell of the wagon 😦 but it’s ok today is a new day}. I will continue to work on changing my eating habits, being consistant with my workouts and running and the most important spending even more time with the Lord!

I love all her challenges she gives as this encourages me to draw closer to the Lord. Check out her blog by clicking on the picture above.

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2 thoughts on “5-5-5 WLW challenge

  1. I'm So glad you are joining the challenge! Easter definately didn't help us out did it? lol! Those little easter baskets with little chocolate yummies keep calling my name today lol! But it's a new day and it's time to be disciplined! We can do this together!Lots of Love,Courtney

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