Who are you going to turn to?

Who are you going to turn to in your decision, your inconveinence, or your trial today? I recently had a big decision we needed to make and we choose to turn to Jesus. He is the only one who can give us the true answers we need in our lives. He already knows what lies ahead of us. Why wouldn’t you want to turn to Him? The Author and Finisher of us.

I wanted to share this song with you, I love it. And it was perfect timing this morning, I was on my way to work I had something on my heart that I recently gone through. And I will share as the Lord leads, and this song just ministered to my heart. It was something my heart was already singing!!!

Turn to Jesus today with all your cares and your worries. Give it all to Him, let him take the wheel today! Will you let him rule and reign in your life today?

Turn to Jesus!

P.S. to listen to video without background music turn off mp3 player on the top right by putting it on pause.
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