God Loves You – Part 4: Be a Voice – The Dignity of Human Life

This Sunday, January 22, is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Together, let’s be a voice for the preborn child! And not only them but also for those people that have been treated unGodly. The homeless, the battered, the bruised, the disowned, the unwanted, the orphans, just to name a few. There are so many in this world who need a touch of God’s love! Be that light, in this dark and dying world, show His love to them….allow God to use you.

WE can be their voice for them!! You matter to God, and He loves you so much! I can’t even begin to explain how much HE loves you. Let’s just say that He loves you soo much that He gave His only Son JESUS to die, such a crucial death {that you wouldn’t even do yourself or for anyone else for that matter}, on that old rugged cross…….all because HE LOVES you! You see God doesn’t look at our status, at what we wear or what we have, that doesn’t even matter to Him, none of it does. You matter to God, He wants you He looks and wants your heart!

If you feel all alone, feel like nobody loves you? Don’t….because I’ve got some great, amazing, awesome news for you…..God loves you no matter what!!! There are no strings attached, no requirements, no membership fees, no fancy invitations. It’s simple…He loves You! All you have to do is accept that, allow Him to have full access to Your heart. If you have never accepted Him in your heart and would like to please leave me a comment so that I can pray with you.

P.S. I challenge you to go out and save a life, go out andshare God’s love with someone that you never have before…..it sometimes just starts with a smile 🙂 We all have something to smile about today because we are LOVED!!

Gods Beloved,

Saved By Grace Blog


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