CHRISTmas Traditions

Well CHRISTmas is only 15 days away {Squeal! Squeal!}! And this is a very special time of year for me and my family, along with Easter, where we celebrate Jesus’ birth….even more and dig a little deeper. There are many CHRISTmas traditions out there. I had a few friends ask me so I thought I’d share…..
Begining of December we do our Advent Devotions, I’ve posted about them in my previous post before this one. And for me the traditions are based on spending time with the Lord digging a little deeper as a family and doing special things/gatherings for family time. There are so many opportunities this month to share the gospel and the love of Jesus with others, people seem a little more open and receptive. These are also great teachable moments to share with your children. Below are just some things we’ve done throughout the years, we don’t get to do everything but just a general idea, if your looking for some.
Family Devotions:
  • Advent Devotions and candle lighting
  • CHRISTmas story books for bedtime
 Family Fun Events:
  • CHRISTmas Play Programs
  • Minivan Express with Family and Friends: going around to neighborhoods with CHRISTmas lights, this is also a teachable moment with shining the light of Jesus {we did this last night after a CHRISTmas Program and it was soo much fun!!!}
  • CHRISTmas Concerts or Symphony {Every year a beautiful singer from our sister church does a beautiful CHRISTmas concert every year…I can’t wait for this one tonight!!}
  • CHRISTmas Movie Nights: w/hot cocoa and popcorn {I recommend The Heart of CHRISTmas-this was a aweome movie, CHRISTmas shoes, The Nativity Story, The First Noel}
  • Winterfest Fairs: they usually have these at your local city halls {a time of fun with family}
  • Live Nativity {it’s a re-enactment of the special night of Jesus Birth}
  • CHRISTmas Fellowships/Gatherings {a special time to celebrate with family and friends to fellowship with one another}
  • Cookie Exchange, invite friends over to bake cookies for your neighbors and go caroling when dropping them off, and share God’s love.
  •  Sat Morning Big Breakfast {this is our weekly tradition and do it when we are home}, since CHRISTmas is eve is on Sat this year. It is usually Eggs, homemade hashbrowns, turkey bacon and Christmas music in background.
  • CHRISTmasService
  • CHRISTmas Eve Gathering and a potluck, we usually let our girls open one gift this night when we get home {usually pj’s and CHRISTmas socks so they can wear for the next morning}. We’ll stay up really late and watch a CHRISTmas Movie
  • Watch the Nativity Story Movie

CHRISTmas Day:

  •  CHRISTmas Breakfast: I will bake Cinnamon Rolls {Sally Clarkson has a very sweet recipe click here}, or French Toast {Rainey French Toast click here, I made these last year so yummy} or something sweet, gewy and yummy delishious….and Hot cocoa. It just has to be sweet and something we wouldn’t normally let them eat just by itself.
  • We listen to some of our Favorite CHRISTmas Music and let the girls open gifts.
  • CHRISTmas morning Service {we try to attend this service, maybe if we show up in our PJ’s lol}
  • Home for Quiet Time with the family and remembering why Jesus came…
  • Special CHRISTmas Dinner:  I will deck out the table and bring out the fancy plates and listen to CHRISTmas music while we eat Ham and all the Fixings…I will be posting the Menu and some recipes that I’ve used soon.

That’s just a glimpse of some of what we do. Every year we’ll add some or take some out. Sometimes we aren’t able to do everything and it’s not my goal,  just being together as a family and being able to resonate upon Jesus, bask in His glory, that’s what matters. And you know it’s just nice to take that extra special time to remember what Jesus came into this world to do. Everyone is different and you may or may not do any. It’s just a way to go a little deeper and remember. 
JESUS CHRIST is the true meaning of CHRISTmas {Christ more, mas is more in Spanish :)}!! Take that time to give Him thanks and remember why He came. What do you do for CHRISTmas traditions? I would love to hear, leave me a comment. No rude or inappropriate comments allowed. Thank you!
God Bless you!

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