Marriage Challenge: Day 7 – Cleaning for your husband or God?

Day 7: Cleaning for your Husband or for God?
This is one I haven’t done much of since the roles in our home has changed, for this season. But it still applies to me, even if your circumstances are different as mine are you still can ask this question. The housewife in me still will come home and clean. But I loved this question she asks us “who are we cleaning the house for our husbands or God? I can also apply “who am I working for my family or God? It’s a choice that we have to make daily, today are you going to serve the Lord or yourself? This one I have to remind myself daily at work. Another challenge today would be: Do all your cleaning without complaining or nagging, this easy for me to do {complain and nag-hence a challenge}. Prayerfully ask the Lord to help guard your tongue, when you see yourself starting to or even think of a complaint give it to Him and remember you are doing it for Him.
Here is another great video that Woman Living Well has put out…”View” style. They have alot of great tips and encouragement in this video. Go to her site for the full post.

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