Marriage Challenge: Day 6 – Advice to a New Bride and Seasoned Bride

Sorry..I’m a little behind…

Day 6: Advice to a New Bride and also Seasoned Bride…..

Courtney at Woman Living Well has a great video on Advice to a New Bride. But it was also encouraging and a great reminder to me. It was a great reminder to remember who my husband is, and what role he has in our marriage. And mine as well, sometimes we need reminders, it’s easy to get caught up in life and forget those precious things.

I can be honest to say that being married is not easy, it is self-scraficing, giving your all, it will change you forever. But all for the good, if you both follow Jesus. There is no possible way to make it without Him. My first marriage to my husband was a great example of that. But we have been joyfully re-married for the past 8 years. Show mercy, grace and love to him at all times.

Go to Woman Living Well for the full post and a really cute video on a wedding she recently went to. If we renew our vows I would love to do this in our wedding…so fun!!

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