Day 4 – Do You Feel Alone In Your Marriage?

Marriage Challenge: Day 4 – Do You Feel Alone In Your Marriage?

This is one that is difficult. I can say that I have been the one that has been on the otherside more so than him making me feel alone. It is soo important to communicate with your husband. I know that it is even extremely harder when your husband is a non-believer. I can say to pray, pray, pray and find someone at church to get counsel from. Pray for that person, you want the right counsel. At our church we are staffed with counselors, and what a blessing they are. You can get Godly counsel from others at church, but be cautious you don’t want their opinions you want God’s. Just make sure they are giving you sound Godly counsel. And that is with anyone.

God knows what you are going through, He sees all. know that you are loved by Him, and He is there right there with You. Continue to seek His face through all your situations, trials and circumstances. He will never leave you nor forsake. Allow God to use you through these circumstances.

This is a very encouraging video that WLW posted. I pray that you are encouraged and blessed by it.

Go check out Woman Living Well for full post.

I can encourage you to not give up on your husband., as bad as things seem take it to the Lord let Him lead, guide and direct your marriage. He is the only one that can help your marriage.  I love what she says about taking it to 1 or 2 people, not 50.  Everyone doesnt need to know your business, and if your taking it to more than 1-2 people are you trusting in God or seeking after mans counsel?


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