Day 3 – Be Your Husbands Crown

 Marriage Challenge: Day 3 – Be Your Husbands Crown

Proverbs 12:4 says, “A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown”

I love the quote she put from Elizabeth George

“God’s beautiful woman is pleased to be her husband’s crown.

Shunning the spotlight, she gladly gives her life behind the scenes so that her husband may be noticed and honored. She is glad when he is the center of attention, when he excels, when he is recognized, when he rises to the top.Indeed, she delights in living in his shadow.His promotion is her greatest reward. She desires that her husband be highly respected and esteemed, so she contentedly offers the supreme sacrifice of herself for him.”

—Elizabeth George, Beautiful in God’s Eyes

This is the desire of my heart. Lord I humble come before You God would you give me the strength and love to be the crown’s of my Husband. To love, honor and cherish him. Lord I do need your help. In Jesus name amen.

Go to Woman Living Well for the full post.

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