Marriage Challenge!!


Squeal, Squeal!! Yay!! Woooohoo!!!I love these challenges….I am at a place in my life that my life is a challenge and these help me to be accountable. Please prayerfully join me next week in Woman Living Wells Marriage Challenge! I am excited because this is an area that I can honestly say I struggle in. Let me know you are joining so that we can be accountable to one another.

I love what she says……Sometimes we are tempted to think the grass is greener in other marriages. We imagine that someone has something better than what we have and we want it. We can’t see the dirt from our side angle. And possibly it’s super green in the front yard where people see but in the back yard it’s filled with dead spots that are hidden from acquaintances.

This is soo true, I used to fantasize about having that perfect marriage….but truthfully there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. The only perfect marriage there is, is the one in Jesus Christ. Without Him we are nothing, our marriage is nothing.

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.
Ecclesiastes 4:12 NIV
This poem is one I use for gifts and I love it….
Marriage Takes Three
Marriage takes three to be complete; It’s not enough for two to meet.
They must be united in love
By Love’s Creator, God above.
Then their love will be firm and strong,
Able to last when things go wrong.
Because they’ve felt God’s love and know
He’s always there, He’ll never go;
And they have both loved Him in kind
With all their heart and soul and mind.
And in that love, they’ve found the way
To love each other every day.
A marriage that follow’s God’s plan
Takes more than a woman and a man;
It needs a oneness that can be
Only from Christ;
So marriage takes three.
By Beth Stuckwisch
God Bless you and can’t wait to share next week on the Marriage Challenge!! WHoot! WHott!

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