Fall Challenge: Making Your Home a Haven~ Week 4


“Creating Family Nights – Making Your Home a Haven~Week 4”

This week’s Challenge is:

Keep your candle going, the music playing, and add some tender moments with your family. Have a pillow party in the family room and get out every blanket and pillow in the house and be cozy with the kids or your hubby! Even if you live alone you can do this. Enjoy a cozy evening of hot cider and caramel corn. Moms, pull out a board game, a classic movie, hot cocoa and pop some popcorn. Give a 5 minute back rub to every single person in your house…and for a double challenge- try to give one every day to each family member!

During your tender moment with the family, ask them how they feel about this challenge. Are they enjoying it? Is it helpful? Is there anything they would change. Give your family listening ears.

I love this, Tuesday we try to do something as a family, whatever it is we are together. And I just bought apple cider so I think we are in need for some special family time together! Yay! this is a great idea. My kids love playing a Mexican Bingo game. So funny to watch us try to guess the picture. I love these challenges. Go to Woman Living Well for her full post.

God Bless you!

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