Making Your Home a Haven – Fall Challenge {Week 2}

Week 2 of Making Your Home a Haven – Fall Challenge
This week’s challenge is two-fold also:

Play soft music everyday in your home. Choose music that the family enjoys.Then, focus on using peaceful words and maintaining peaceful relationships. Role model gentleness with your words this week and while you’re add it have a little fun. Since the music is going, grab your husband or children and dance!

Go to Woman Living Well Blog to view the full post. She has alot of great suggestions for music. Also some exhortations as well. I love the encouragement, I soo need this right now as I am falling short of my temper daily. So this accountability is a great way to help me. I heard a quote today by Pastor David McGee on the radio and he said “Christianity is not about what we don’t do, it’s about following Jesus Christ”. The message was a great one {hopefully I can find it and post it}. Following Jesus Christ is doing those things that He did. The first command He gives us is to Love Him, and then to Love others. By doing these things we are following Him. Some of the suggestions that Courtney gave on her blog where doing those things. Easier typing it than doing. All things are possible through CHrist Jesus! 

Here are some of the suggestions:

1. When you feel tempted to raise your voice, use a child’s name in a snarl, furrow your brow into a scowl or speak rapidly in anger…purposely lower your voice to just above a whisper.

Proverbs 15:1 says “A gentle answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger.”
Focus on gentle words, facial expressions, and touches.

2. Purpose to not let someone else’s anger make you angry.
Many times as a wife and mom, I find myself responding to other’s emotions. Someone in the family is grumpy and two minutes later I’m grumpy too. Someone in the family is speaking harshly and two minutes later I’m speaking harshly too. Purpose to stay in control of your emotions and not let the other members of your family dictate your mood.

3. Yelling at a bud won’t make it bloom.Your home will not blossom into a haven if you are not controlling your temper.

4. Continue to light your candle and pray for peace in your home.
Persevere in prayer for your family. James 5:16b says, “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”

These are some that I will be praying and on and putting into action. I do want peace in my home and in my life. The bible calls us to have Peace with all. 
1 Thessalonians 5:13 NKJV: and to esteem them very highly in love for their work’s sake. Be at peace among yourselves.

This is a desire of my heart to have peace in my heart, in my home, and with others. This has been something that has been a struggle {in certain areas}. So this is a great challenge for me, to keep the peace and not let satan try to steal my joy and peace.

God Bless….peace be with you!


2 thoughts on “Making Your Home a Haven – Fall Challenge {Week 2}

  1. I just started the Making your home a haven:) So I have my candle burning in my living room and one in my bedroom to pray for my husband specifically:) Glad I found your blog!MichelleFaith on Fyre

  2. That is soo awesome!!! This challenge has been a challenge for me this week. I am making it a point to light over the weekend when I am home. I love that to pray for your hubby while it's lit! What a great reminder, I will remember that when lighting it! Thanks for sharing sis! Blessings,ADrienne

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