Woman in the Word Wednesday

It’s Wednesday Woman in the Word. This season I am prayerfully doing the on-line bible study over at Good Morning Girls. It has been such a blessing for me so far, great accountability and I am learning so much by digger deeper into each verse. This week we are in I John 1:5-10 and it’s been sheding some new light on these scriptures for me. The Lord has spoken to my heart about not just proclaiming I am a Christian but really living it out in my daily life, weither at work, home, church, the grocery store just about anywhere. Am I truely living for the Lord or for status, for my selfish reasons.

There are times that it is hard, but I am constantly putting my focus back on the Lord .He will see you through it all. Through everything, He will give you His power to live out your life through Him. It is truely amazing when you finally surrender and allow Him to work and move through you!!

God Bless you!

Saved By Grace Blog


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