Making Your Home a Haven – Fall Challenge

I am sooo squealing with delight, right now,  Woman Living Well is doing the “Making Your Home a Haven-Fall Challenge” again. Last year I participated in it and it was such a blessing and encouragement through my favorite time of year.

This challenge will begin next Monday, October 3rd and run through the month of October. Check out the video below, she talks about what it is about.

She also posted this on her website as well, so you can go check it out. I just love her!

This year is going to be quite the challenge for me as I am working full-time now. Which is why I was really excited to take part in this again. Not only to just participate, but to really just enjoy this season of life that I am in. To walk closer to the Lord, setting the atmosphere to be calm, peaceful and inviting. I’m also praying about creative ways we can have a TV free, stress free, project free night. Just to be able to set aside that time as a family and sit before the Lord and really digg deeper together through His word and through this whole season. That part is the part that is exciting me the most digging deeper into the word with my family. I have not had the time yet to decorate, the Lord knows my desires and heart on that. But He leads I will post some pictures so you can get an idea and maybe encourage you to light a candle.

I recently came back from a Womans Retreat through the church I attend. This year was the absolute best, I had such a peace, and was just soo refreshed this time around. There was soo many nuggets that Lordwillign I will be able to share them with you. This years theme was “The Abundant Life”

“….I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” John 10:10
What I learned was that the Abundant Life is not having your dream home, or dream job or perfect marriage or family. It’s about having that close strong relationship with the Lord. For some time I always dreamed about having that dream home and we would say “one day”, one day we will have it. But this really opened my eyes to what the Lord wants my Life to be about. Just Him, everything else will follow. And knowing that He loves me “Just Because”, no any other reason but just because. I had a hard time grasping that, I don’t deserve that unconditional agape love. I don’t deserve, but with what I was and who I am know He loves me anyway just because of me. That was just so amazing to me. I knew that before but to really sit and linger and have the time to do that I just was in aweee. So thank Lord for all that You are doing in and through my life, thankful for all the amazing people you have stratigically placed in my life from my Wonderful, AMAZING Husband, Beautiful  Precious daughters, and the sweetest, amazing friends and sisters in the Lord. Who could ask for anything more. I am truely blessed. Thank you Jesus in Your Name AMEN!!
Pray about this challenge and see if this is something the Lord would have you do and if He does share with me leave me a comment. I love your comments.
God Bless you!
If your clueless or need some inspiration {mine is not spectacular} below are some pics from last year. This year might be a little bit different, but pretty much the same. Will post some pics this weekend, Lordwilling.

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