What has God been showing me this week?
I am doing 2 bible studies {Revelation through the name of Jesus Christ, and James Bible Study-online}, and I am learning so much from both of them. Right now in the Revelation through the name of Jesus Christ I am larning about the ‘The True Vine’. It is an amazing bible study, out of all the bible studies I’ve done this is the most effective, life changing one by far, for me. The True Vine {Jesus}is showing exactly how I am to stay connected to the vine. By abiding in Him. Not only am I seeing Jesus in His fullness and for who He really is, but my relationship with Him is soo much ‘closer’ than ever before. At the begining of the year I chose “Closer” as my theme word for the year. And can I tell you that it is happening.
The James Study is amazing too, I am learning how to draw closer to Him in my devotions. I struggled in the past with my devotions and not knowing if I was doing them right or not sure as to what I was supposed to be getting out of them. And I love the way they have it laid out for you, you really get to disect the word of God. And really apply it to my life. It’s a way of helping me be accountable as well. If you are not doing a bible study I highly recommend the Revelation one and the James Bible study. Or if your church is hosting a Womans Bible study I encourage you to attend {prayerfully of course}. And if they are not Good Morning Girls is doing the James Bible study and everything is available right at your fingertips {just click away and print it out-simple as that}.
Abiding in Him,

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