Women in the Word Wednesday {Listening and Doing}

What has the Lord been teaching me this week?
I know this is late, I wanted to post this yesterday but could not. 
The one thing that stood out to me in James is my overall attitude. Attitude towards, husband, children, family and friends. Is it pleasing to God? He has shown me to:
  • Be quicker to listen, to have a better understanding of what God has for me each day. I need to listen more and react less. And also to God and my family let them know they have my full attention.
  • Slower to speak, to not jump in when someone is talking and really listen {especially to my little blessings}. Also when God speaks I tend to answer back quickly without really heeding to his voice sometimes.
  • Slower to become angry, I can be quick to get angry when something isn’t going right or my way. Or when the Lord tells me something that I don’t want to do. Also anger does not produce righteousness that God desires us to have.
  • Also I not only need to listen to the word and what it says but do it. Apply it to my life so that it impacts my life and those around me.
  • Also so that I won’t forget what it says. They say that it takes 21 days to form a habit. When teaching my daughter our weekly memory verses we say them over and over again. Same principal I need to continuously be in the word every day. Mediating on it day and night.
  • I will be blessed if I stay in His word.
Lord thank you for all that you are showing me, and continue to show me. Father, may I not just be a hearer but more of a doer. May all that I do be pleasing to you and if there is something may you call me on it right away. Father may you use me in a mighty way. God not my will but your will be done! In the precious name of JEsus Christ..Amen!!
Walking with Jesus!


5 thoughts on “Women in the Word Wednesday {Listening and Doing}

  1. Wow, looks like God is teaching you a lot through His Word!!! So glad to hear you are enjoying and learning so much! 🙂 Thanks for joining us this week for the Good Morning Girls link-up!!!! :)Love God Greatly!-Angela

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