Be My Valentine Marriage Challenge!

 Week 2 Marriage Challenge
This week’s challenge is: be a little more creative with your praise. Surprise your husband with:

1. A love message on the mirror

2. A love message packed in his lunch

3. Use sidewalk chalk and write a love message on the driveway { Love this one!!!} Make it big for all to see!

4. Write a list of ten things you admire about him and then read them out loud to him. Another great one, take a pic of Him while he’s reading it.

5. Make a toast to him at dinner with friends. Or raise your glass at dinner and list the things you admire about your husband for your children to hear!

6. Buy or make your husband a trophy and engrave it with the words “The Best Husband in the World.” (I found a cheap trophy at a party supplies store – the kids loved presenting it to daddy)

7. Write a poem – even if you can’t write – it can be goofy. Include in it references to your favorite movies, restaurants, places to go and memories. He will enjoy the trip down memory lane and the laugh!

8- Blow up balloons and put a loving message in each one. Fill your bedroom with balloons as a surprise.

9- Take a roll of receipt tape and write a long message with the things you admire and respect about your husband – then roll it up and put it in a bottle for your husband to open and read. (I made many of these for my husband in college when we were dating long distance. I mailed them in packages.)

10. Get creative with your selflessness!

They are all great ideas!

“When you touch your husband’s deepest need something good almost always happens!”
~ Dr. Emerson Eggerich
This quote is so very true, it’s the smallest little things that bless their heart. Even a kiss for no reason at all, just because.

So I challenge you today to not just show your husband you love him but show him that you LIKE him!

Head on over to Women Living Well, click on link below and check out the full post.

I can’t wait to get started on this challenge!! Woohoo, praying for you girls also that the enemy would not try to trip you up. Don’t get discouraged when he does, just keep perservering and do it! You will be totally blessed. Share in the comments what you are planning on doing or what you’ve done. What was the outcome! I love hearing your testimonies!

God Bless you, now go love on your Hero’s!

Linking up to:

“Me and My Hero”
This year we will be celebrating 8 years {God restored what the Locusts have eaten} of re-marriage together.

“Jesus glanced around at them and said, With men [it is] impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God.”
Mark 10:27 (Amplified Bible)


7 thoughts on “Be My Valentine Marriage Challenge!

  1. Hi Gals! I am glad we are all doing it together and what a blessing it is and will be. Great to meet all of you and thanks for stopping by! God Bless you all and praying for you too!In His Amazing Love,Adrienne

  2. I love that she challenges us as well. Thank you soo much for stopping by Darlene!! I love your blog it is soo encouraging. God is soo good and we couldn't have done it with out him these past 8 years. I just pray that we can encourage other marriages to not go through what we went through. If it helps one marriage then it was all worth it. It still is worth it, because I probably would not have come to know my Lord and Savior. God Bless you!adrienne

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