My Life Verse

“But Jesus looked at them and said, “With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.” Mark 10:27
A “life verse” is a verse or passage in the Bible that is significant to you. It may define your life, give you inspiration or direction, be something that you hang onto as you face difficult circumstances, or it could even be the passage of scripture that brought you to a belief in Jesus Christ.

This is a verse that is on my wall in my living room. To remind me that with God all things are possible, even the restoration of my marriage and of my life. It was our wedding verse, almost 8 years ago. To share, in brief, 13 yrs ago was when I met my amazing husband, shortly after we got married and 2 months later we were pregnant with our first baby girl. One and half years later we were divorced, we were not walking a life with the Jesus. During this time I accepted Jesus Christ into my life. And my life had changed completely and forever.

 I am sure my parents thought that was impossible as well, but it became possible. I probably gave them the worst time out of all the kids {all 8 of us}.  I even thought this was impossible for me…me becoming a Christian???? I so was not worthy of anything, I had failed big time, I was living an empty life, searching to fill that emptiness in my heart.

 Fast forward to three years later, I accepted Jesus into my heart, it was Easter of 2000.  God had told me to ask my Husband back for a second chance. I thought God are you sure…..did you forget what we had went through, there is no way possible this is impossible??!?  And I distinctly remember talking with a friend a week earlier telling her that if we ever got to back together that, that totally was going to be the Lord because there was no way we would ever. But I think God probably chuckled at that moment and said ” for with Me All things are possible my princess.”

It was then that I stepped out in faith and scared to death, but trusted fully in God. I did not know what was to come, but God knew and well the rest as they say is Histroy, we are still a work in progress. We have been re-married for almost 8 years this April. It’s been a long road, a narrow one, there are days that I ask God are you sure. But He reminds me that this is His perfect plan and will for me.”For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jere 29:11. Somedays are hard and some days are just soo amazing. Life isn’t perfect, it will never be until we are with the Jesus. God is sooo good!!!

If you are struggling today in your marriage or are divorced or thinking about {don’t do it}, just be encouraged and know that …”for with God all things are possible.” Even the things you think are impossible God can make possible. He is the creator of the universe, He knows all things, He sees all things, He is all things. If He can make blind men see and dead man rise, he can restore a marriage, a life as He did mine. He will restore what the locusts have eaten. He can do anything that is in His soverign will. Just pray, seek the Lord on every situation, decision, and everything.

Walking with Jesus, the King of Kings!


5 thoughts on “My Life Verse

  1. I love this and I am also living testimony to how God can heal a broken marriage… I Wish there was more women out there like you to encourage women instead of the negative feedback you get telling you to give up it just won't work out. Even hearing this so often from christians… I am now passionate about inspiring others to never give up on the marriages because like you said with God nothing is impossible!

  2. Amen sister…I know that this is my purpose to encourage woman who are struggling in their marriage to not give up hope. To fight that good fight in marriage. Not meaning to fight with them, but satan wants to destroy our marriages and our lifes. He destroyed my first and I will not, with all that I have in me.

  3. Awesome I love the LIFE VERSE saw that on COURTNEY'S Blog a few days ago mine so happens to be same as her's Gal. 6:9 love, love, love it and what an amazing uplifting post you posted my dear sis in Christ amen I believe Christ has placed us in situations and then sees us through them so we can then minister to and encourage one another whom is struggling in same areas!! May God bless you and continue to use you for HIS KINGDOM purposes!!Serving The King,Cindy

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