My Faith Box

I am so Praising God right now!!!! {Squeal, Squeal} I just won this awesome “My Faith Box”. Go check out Good Morning Gals  . It is another encouraging website that I’ve found.

{Taken from Women Living Well }What is the My Faith Box? I’m so glad you asked!

Basically it’s a box that you can decorate and place special keepsakes in, BUT the exciting part is what’s inside the box! Inside is the My Faith Book.

What I LOVE about the My Faith Book is how as a parent you can record your child’s faith journey! From birth until age 18, you can record each year how you are praying for your child and create an intentional plan of passing down your faith to your child. Each year contains areas for you to record special memories, what they are learning about God, what they are praying for, favorite bible stories etc.

As your child gets older, he/she can then start filling in each year. The book also contains areas for photos as well as areas for older children to personally write about their journey thus far with God. What I love is this book helps create a history of your child’s faith that they can turn back to in later years.

The My Faith Book is a tool that can be used to help them remember the faithfulness of God as they flip through the pages and see how God has answered prayers that were written down years before.

Last Week I entered a contest at Women Livng Well and had forgotten that I had entered it. Being a Christian Scrapper I was squealing when I saw this. It’s such an awesome book. I can’t wait to get it, thank you JESUS and Angela at Good Morning Girls.

God Bless you,

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  1. HI! You stopped by my blog a few weeks ago and asked about online homeschooling! I did a little post about it! Thought is may answer some questions! Please let me know if you have any questions! ALoha! Tia

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