Making your Home a Haven Fall Challenge! Pics

I didn’t get to post pics with this challenge but I didn’t have any fall deco up. But thankfully my awesome Hubby. aka. my Hero, got my storage bin down from the attic. Thank you Honey….mmmmwwwaaahhh!! I love to bunches. So I got busy that night and deco’d away. On my kitchen mantle or breakfast bar is where I light the candle, when I can remember it and haven’t been able to play soft music yet with it. But it was very nice when I did light it up. 

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2 thoughts on “Making your Home a Haven Fall Challenge! Pics

  1. I love the leaves draped across your brown drapes. I have brown drapes just like yours in our family room but had not thought of that!!! Time to go shopping! lol! Thanks for the pictures! And keep up with the fall challenge – you are doing a great job!!!Courtney

  2. Hi Courtney!! I'm squealing with delight that you left me a message. Thank you so much for dropping by. I've gleaned alot from you, so thank you for serving God in this awesome ministry!! {squeal, squeal}. Blessings,Adrienne

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