Fall Challenge #3



 I loved this picture, when I saw it on Woman Living Well and I loved her fall challenge for this week. Here is just a snipit of it…. Go to her website, Woman Living Well to view the rest of her awesome post.

Here’s week #3’s Challenge: List a few of the spots in your home that make you visually stressed because of all the clutter. Now go buy something for that spot – like a basket to put it all in! Work on cleaning up clutter. Throw things away. While you’re at it – clean up some clutter in your spiritual life. What gets in the way of your peace spiritually?

I can tell you that I have a crafting closet that needs tending to majorly. I may be brave enough to show it to on this post. I am so glad that it has a door that I can shut and not look at it. Out of sight out of mind. But I know that when I open it up, it is still there…why because I haven’t taken care of it, I haven’t cleaned it up. And that’s how sin is in our lifes.We think we can forget about it, but when that door is opened, in our heart, it’s still there that ugly ol’ sin. That’s why we need to take care of it right away.
I have a few rooms in my heart that need to cleaned up. After listening to our Pastors message yesterday and then reading this today, I think God is speaking to me loud and clear. As much as I love to be in my craft room, I can’t because it’s dirty. And as much as I love to hear from God I can’t when I’ve got sins I need to repent of. So if your wandering why you haven’t heard from God today, ask Him if there is anything in your heart that is blocking His voice and then repent of it. Break those walls down!
Oh Lord, please forgive us of our downfalls, our offenses,  Lord we humbly come before you and ask for your forgiveness for our sins, would you wash clean, as white as snow. Father, thank you for your forgiveness, thank you for loving us with a love that is indescribable. Thank you Jesus for healing us! In Jesus name Amen.

Ok, are you ready, don’t get scared like I do everytime I open my closet door. Yikes!!!

Yikes!! Who can think in this room?? Not me… 🙂 My closet threw up a few times, it needs some TLC. Hopefully by the end of this week I can declutter and post a pic {Lordwilling}. Someone keep me accountable, to do this task.


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